Granite 1 sqft


The price of Granite varies according to the quality, material and design chosen.



Igneous rock, granite has grains big enough to be seen without the use of an optical microscope. Magma slowly crystallises under the Earth’s surface, resulting in its formation.

Quartz and feldspar make up the bulk of granite, with mica, amphiboles, and other minerals making up the rest. It’s common for this mineral composition to give granite a reddish-pink hue, as well as black mineral grains that may be seen throughout.

The most well-known igneous rock is granite. As the most prevalent igneous rock found on Earth’s surface and the material of choice for many everyday items, granite has become familiar to most people. Materials used in the construction of these structures include granite counter tops and floor tiles as well as bricks used in the construction of buildings and stone used in cemetery monuments. If you reside in a major, contemporary city, you’ll see a lot of granite.

The continental crust is mostly composed of granite. Several mountain ranges, vast regions known as “batholiths,” and continents known as “Shields” have granite on the surface. Gritstone’s massive mineral crystals show that it cooled slowly after it was formed from molten rock. This gradual cooling must have happened deep inside the Earth’s crust over an extended period of time. To for these granites to be revealed on our planet’s surface, the granite rocks had to be pushed up and the overlaying rocks worn away. Sedimentary rocks or sediments cover the majority of Earth’s continents. Granites, metamorphosed granites, or rocks closely related to granites make up the majority of the rocks found below. It is common to refer to these deep granites as “basement rocks.”

“Granite” is a term that is used in different contexts by the dimension stone and crushed stone businesses than by geologists. The term “granite” is used in several fields to describe an igneous rock that fits the following requirements. Rocks such as basalt, pegmatite, quartz, schist, gneiss and diabase will all be referred to be “granite” under these conditions. Using these “granites,” crushed stone is utilised in highway construction, concrete, building construction and fill, train ballast and several more applications. Countertops, floor tiles, curbing, building veneer, monuments, paving stones, and many more goods are made from dimension stone. There are granites in this collection that may be utilised in sawn, sheared, or polished finishes.

Price of 1 square feet granite in Mumbai is around 305 rupees. Price highly depends on slab thickness, texture quality and density.


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