Kaddapa Stone 1 sqft


The price of Kadappa varies according to the quality, material and design chosen.



It is a naturally occurring sedimentary rock that is also known as kadapa, Kadappi, and Kadappa. The stone Cuddapah got its name from the city of Kadapa, which is located in the south central part of Andhra Pradesh. Kadapa is where the majority of the limestone is mined.

Kadappa Stone is a kind of stone that is long-lasting, impermeable, and thick, and it needs very little maintenance. It is possible that the usage of the stone will be beneficial in parking lots, roadways, wet areas, and the open air because of the stone’s high resilience to heat, wear, and moisture. Between 16 and 20 millimetres is the typical thickness of a Kadappa Stone slab. Under the earth in the Gulbarga district of Karnataka, starting at Shahabad and stretching through portions of Telangana to the hamlet of Kishtapur in Gulbarga’s Chincholi Taluq, Kadappa lime stone is formed in layers. These layers may be found as far as the eye can see.


Because it does not absorb moisture and does not become slippery when wet, it is the kind of flooring that is most suited for use in wet areas. It is resistant to wear and tear and has a high level of durability. If you want the stone to have a different appearance, you may repolish it. Kadappa can survive any climate, whether it be dry, humid, or freezing. It’s as hard as a nail to crack. Rocks composed of sedimentary limestone that are composed of Kadappa Black Limestone. The superior quality of this region’s limestone contains calcium carbonate, often in the form of calcite or aragonite. Natural limestone is an excellent material for use as a flooring and paving material because of its resistance to oil and the fact that it does not become slippery when wet.


This multipurpose stone has so many applications that it is no longer only used for flooring; instead, it can be used for a wide variety of things, including wall cladding, shelves in the kitchen and cabinets, skirting, and more. The dark colour of the stone gives residences a dramatic appearance, and the stone’s textural properties blend well with a broad variety of architectural design types. Because it is such a prevalent construction material, you should have no trouble locating a stone source that sells it. Installing it is also quite simple if you are aware of where to hunt for the necessary components. The purchasing and installation processes are made simpler and more convenient while while becoming more cost effective. The use of naturally occurring materials rather than produced ones has further positive effects on the environment.


Depending on the use, it is possible to cut raw black limestone rocks into tiles, slabs, bricks, walling stones, and cobbles of varied thicknesses and widths. On the market, Cuddapah may be purchased with a natural, brushed, or polished finish, depending on your preference. Cuddapah tiles are given a coating of a sealant, despite the fact that the stones themselves do not absorb water. This is done to prevent the tiles from becoming slippery and stained. They may have their shine restored whenever it is deemed essential in order to preserve it consistently throughout the course of their lifetime.


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