Is marble flooring better than laminate wood flooring in India?

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The material cost of installing a marble floor begins at 60 rs/sf, and the labour cost of installing the floor is also 60 rs/sf.

While the material cost of installing wooden flooring will be 10 rs/sf and the material cost will be 75 rs/sf. However, installing ips flooring beneath wooden flooring will set you back 30 rs/sft.

-120rs/sq.ft. for marble flooring

  • A longer and more arduous procedure is in your future.
  • Stone is constantly cold, and it has positive health implications.
  • Simple to take care of

115 rs/sq.ft. for wood flooring.

  • The process is simple and quick.
  • I don’t think life is that terrific right now.
  • Difficult to keep up.
  • There will be problems with upkeep.

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