White Regular Pebbles 1 kg


Price may vary as per the type of pebble and quality selected.



You may bring nature into your home by using these natural pebbles, you may enhance the internal and exterior aesthetics of your apartment building as well as your garden or lawn.

Incorporating pebbles into your landscape can brighten it up dramatically. For this, you may use polished, unpolished, or other sorts of stones. Using pebbles to define the garden’s perimeter creates a stunning look. If you have a tree in your yard, you may cover the soil around it with gritty stones. This will give the tree a “Sone pe Suhaaga” appearance. Stones may also be used to decorate the pots of plants. Visiting natural areas is great, but what if we could bring a little bit of nature into our own homes to make them more attractive and serve as an example for our friends and family members… Consider it!

Adding a touch of pebble design to the bathroom is a great idea. This may be accomplished by using polished stones of various colours. Adding pebbles to your bathroom’s glass tables, floors, and walls will make the area seem more luxurious and inviting.

Incorporating pebbles into the d├ęcor of a bedroom is another option. As a result of this, you’ll be the only person in your neighbourhood with a unique bedroom. With a variety of stones available, you may utilise pebbles in many different ways to decorate your home.

Having learned how to utilise pebbles to enhance your home, act quickly to make a few changes.


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